Photos from July 27-30 and August 4,5

Courtesy of Steve Howell

Thanks to all of our participants who made these trips possible, including members of the Massachusetts Audubon who took a special chartered trip with us on July 30.  Thanks also to Steve Howell, Jamie Cameron, Nate Dias, and Chris Sloan for helping us out as leaders!  In addition to the species listed below, we had two Trindade Petrels, Leach's Storm-Petrel, Red-necked Phalarope, and one skua (probably South Polar).  Also seen were Cuvier's Beaked Whales, some unidentified Mesoplodon species, Pilot Whales (prob. Short-finned), and Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.  All of these photos were taken by Steve Howell with the same equipment he had this spring.  Please do not use his photos without permission.

Black-capped Petrel

Red-billed Tropicbird

Corys Shearwater

Sooty Tern

Greater Shearwater

Bridled Tern

Audubons Shearwater

Bridled Tern

Wilsons Storm-Petrel

Bridled Tern

White-faced Storm-Petrel

Bridled Tern

Band-rumped Storm-Petrel

Pomarine Jaeger

White-tailed Tropicbird

Loggerhead Sea Turtle