July Special Totals & Trip Report  July 27-30   

click here for Photos from July 27-30 & August 4 & 5 - Courtesy of Steve NG Howell


 Our special three-day set on July 27, 28, and 29 was a great success.  Most participants did all three trips, and we also ran a special charter trip for a Mass. Audubon group on Monday, July 30.   We had light winds and slight seas on all four days.  Many of the tubenoses appeared to be well fed and were resting on the water.  Calm weather made them easy to spot.  Trip totals for the four days are posted below.  Highlights were large numbers of Black-capped Petrels each day (53 to 312) and some nice rarities- a Trindade Petrel and White-tailed Tropicbird on Friday, a White-faced Storm Petrel on Saturday, and a Red-billed Tropicbird on Monday.  The White-faced Storm-Petrel was only my second off Hatteras in many years.  We had just slowed down in about 1000 feet of water Saturday morning, and we jumped it off the water.  We were able to follow it closely w/ the boat for several minutes, and Steve Howell got some nice photos of it in the early morning light.  This was our sixth speies of storm-petrel for Hatteras trips in 2007!  We did not see many shearwaters but we did see three species each day w/ nice looks at all, and we had some good views of perched Bridled Terns on Friday and Monday.   In addition to the birds, we had some nice views of offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and Pilot Whales, and some more distant views of beaked whales.   And we were able to catch enough wahoo and dolphin (mahi) for our people to have fresh fish for dinner.     

Trindade (Herald) Petrel   1 dark morph on 7/27  

Black-capped Petrel   596+

Pterodroma sp.   6

Cory's Shearwater   95-97

Greater Shearwater   15

Audubon's Shearwater   80-83

Shearwater sp.   7

Wilson's Storm-Petrel   930+

White-faced Storm-Petrel   1 on 7/28

Leach's Storm-Petrel   1

Band-rumped Storm-Petrel   38-43

White-tailed Tropicbird   1 on 7/27

Red-billed Tropicbird   1 on 7/30

Red-necked Phalarope   4

Bridled Tern   13-14

Black Tern   5

South Polar Skua   1 on 7/27

Pomarine Jaeger   1

Jaeger sp.   1

Cuvier's Beaked Whale   5-6

Beaked Whale species   2-3

Mesoplodon sp.   12-14

Pilot Whale (prob Short-finned)   9-10

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (offshore)   153+