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Many of the species in our gallery of images are poorly represented in print with in flight photos.  We currently have more than 300 images on this website of pelagic birds, mammals, and fish which include 39 different species of birds.  Feel free to download and print for personal use, i.e. study. For any other uses, contact Brian Patteson for permission. 

Publishers: Most of the work represented here is NOT my best, most recent photography.  I also maintain an extensive collection of high quality images, which are not on this site, but which may be purchased for use in publications.  Contact me via e-mail or call (252) 986-1363 for a list of available images.

Diomedeidae - Albatrosses
Procellariidae - Petrels & Shearwaters
Hydrobatidae - Storm-Petrels
Phaethontidae - Tropicbirds
Sulidae - Gannets & Boobies
Scolopacidae - Phalaropes
Laridae - Skuas, Gulls & Terns
Alcidae - Dovekie, Murres, Auks, & Puffins

Non-Bird Images-

Fish, Turtles, Cetaceans, & Misc.

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