Fall 2001 Trip Results
By Brian Patteson

Last Saturdayís trip (8/19/01) from Manteo was blessed with good weather and plentiful bird life. While we didnít find any great rarities, we did see a good diversity of species (12 pelagic seabirds) and good numbers overall. We also saw some interesting cetaceans- Sperm Whale and Cuvierís Beaked Whale. While the conditions looked promising for White-faced Storm-Petrel, we did not see any. This has historically been a good time to find that species off Oregon Inlet, so we have high hopes for the next two weekends. This has also been a good time for Trinidade(Herald) Petrel, tropicbirds, and Masked Booby. Juvenile Long-tailed Jaegers should also be showing up soon. Of course the regulars on these trips include Black-capped Petrel, Coryís, Greater, Audubonís, and Manx(the last couple of years) Shearwaters, Wilsonís and Band-rumped Storm-Petrels, Red-necked Phalarope, Pomarine Jaeger, and Bridled and Sooty Terns. With a few exceptions, most of these birds can also be seen on our Virginia Beach trip and our later fall trips from Hatteras.