2017 Winter Trips – TBA

Posted October 23: WINTER TRIPS for 2017 TBA

We have been getting some inquiries about our schedule of winter pelagic trips. Right now, winter trips are on hold because we are re-powering the boat and this is fairly complicated compared to simply overhauling or replacing like engines, as we are making some changes. We have ordered two brand new 500 horsepower Cummins engines for the boat to replace the old JT 671 TI’s. Installing different engines means we need to have new mounts and exhaust parts fabricated and then there is a bit of hooking up to do where we will need new lines, hoses, and wiring to make it work. Then we have sea trials, and because the Stormy Petrel II is a small inspected passenger vessel, the USCG also has to do an inspection before we can start running for hire again. The process could take several weeks or a few months, depending on how things go. Consequently, we have not scheduled any winter trips yet. If things go well, we might be ready to run again by February, but I hate to make that promise, as we have not yet taken delivery of the new engines. If you are interested in going out with us this winter, please send us an e-mail and we will let you know if there might be any trips once we get far enough into the project to get a handle on our progress. The good news is that once we are done with the work, the boat should run more cleanly and be quieter, faster, and more efficient than ever.

Brian Patteson