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Pomarine Jaegers  May 24, 2009  Like the skuas, quite a few jaegers were pushed inshore in the beginning of the nineteen days as well.  This picture shows very nicely first summer (foreground) vs. second summer Pomarine Jaeger.

Pomarine Jaeger  May 25, 2009  We saw a handful of dark morph Pomarine Jaegers this spring.  These can be harder to age than the light morphs.

Pomarine Jaeger  June 3, 2009  Adult or third summer Pomarine Jaeger.

Pomarine Jaeger  May 27, 2009  Another big tailed Pom.

Long-tailed Jaeger  May 22, 2009  We had some nice looks at adult Long-tailed Jaegers as well.  Note dark underwings, gray body, small bill, and long, narrow central rectrices.

Long-tailed Jaeger  May 26, 2009  Occasionally we see some younger Long-tailed Jaegers, like this first summer bird pictured here.  Note the small bill and narrow wings making it a Long-tailed plus barred underwings and old secondaries indicating a first year bird.  

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