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Northern Gannet  June 3, 2009  This second year Gannet was a treat in the Gulf Stream.  We thought for sure this large black & white bird loafing in the warm, offshore water would be a Masked Booby, but close inspection revealed a feathered face!  It stayed with us, flying around the boat as we traveled for quite some time.  Most late May gannets are a year younger, and they tend to stay closer to shore.  

Red-necked Phalaropes  May 28, 2009  These phalaropes were found just after leaving the inlet on May 28.  The delicate bill is obvious as are the breeding plumage characteristics for Red-necked Phalarope.  They were all very cooperative allowing for close approach and were seen well by all aboard. An early morning treat on a calm day.

Bridled Tern  June 5, 2009  Not many Bridled Terns were seen this spring, perhaps in keeping with the sporadic Sargassum!  They were seen on six of 19 trips and we were treated to a group of early Sooty Terns on May 29, the only ones seen this spring.

Arctic Tern  May 25, 2009  All of the Arctic Terns we saw this spring were May 27th and before (seven of 19 trips).  Here you can see the dark tips to the primaries, small head, and short bill.  On three days we saw at least six individuals!

South Polar Skua  May 23, 2009  This year was unprecedented in numbers of South Polar Skuas!  Persistent easterly winds leading up to our first trip gave us a record count - 20 to 40 individuals on May 20th with up to eight or nine in the slick at one time!

South Polar Skua and Cory's Shearwater  May 22, 2009  Shown here pursuing a Cory's Shearwater, these birds were in varying stages of molt.  Some stayed with the boat for long periods of time, making it more challenging to recruit birds such as small gadfly petrels!

South Polar Skua and Wilson's Storm-Petrels  May 21, 2009  South Polar Skua seen here with a Wilson's Storm-Petrel.  May 24 we saw one as early as 0615 or 0630, just out of the inlet!

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